Heirloom Farm

Free-Range Eggs

By the dozen, minimum online order 10 dozen. We will keep a punch card for you to initial each time you receive eggs.

Our eggs at a glance:

  • Hens are free to roam in a large fenced-in area
  • Supplemental feed is non-GMO, unmedicated, and soy-free
  • Flax seed is included in the supplemental feed to boost omega-3’s
  • Eggs are unwashed and unrefrigerated, European-style
  • $5.00/dozen for a carton containing a variety of sizes ranging from medium to jumbo
  • We do re-use clean egg cartons, so any random labeling from donated store-bought egg cartons can be disregarded. The main thing you’ll want to pay attention to is the date on our little sticker. That’s the day the eggs were collected. You can help keep our prices down by returning clean egg cartons for re-use.

Egg CSA shares are available for $4.50/dozen with a spring, summer, or fall commitment and on-farm pickup. See http://hlfarm.csasignup.com for details.

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